Our IBM-certified experts have been doing the heavy lifting in Domino every day for over 20 years. We have over 100 happy Domino customers in companies large and small in every sector. Some of our most popular services include:


IBM Cloud Migration

We are one of the few U.S. Business Partners IBM-certified in data transfer and onboarding to IBM SmartCloud Notes and Connections. There are many paths to the cloud and many ways to get it wrong. With our experience, you will achieve the numerous benefits of cloud-based email while minimizing transition cost and disruption.

On-call Support

Do you need someone to fill in while your Domino administrator is away on vacation? Need fast, after-hours help fixing Notes, Domino or mail routing problems? Would you like advice on consolidating servers, streamlining your collaboration environment, or troubleshooting recurring problems? We do this all the time. Quick answers are free. Otherwise, it’s $90 per half hour.

Upgrades & Migrations

Get the latest security patches and bug fixes, and maintain your IBM support eligibility. In addition to installing the new release, we can implement new features the best way for your company, run offline database maintenance, roll-out client upgrades, implement new policies or migrate to new hardware — even from one operating system to another. To prevent unplanned downtime, every Domino shop should patch and run offline maintenance annually.

IT Training

Our 2-day course on Domino system administration and monitoring demystifies this complex software and shows just the essential tasks you need to keep your environment running smoothly. The course is scheduled on demand, at your location or ours, and is customized for your company, your skillset and your needs. We also have a half-day course on Notes client trouble-shooting.

Legal Discovery Assistance

Email data is unwieldy, a vast wasteland of terabytes of junk – except for the needles in the haystack the lawyers are demanding you find.  We’ve built a tool to search through multiple Domino email files for the specified keywords, senders, recipients and date ranges required.

Health Check    

The scrutiny of a second set of eyes can prevent costly unplanned downtime for your email system. We examine your logs, support files, hundreds of configuration settings, and employ the MAPSYS health check tool to find dormant accounts, orphan mail files, ACL problems, and more. We compare your settings to best practices and deliver a highly detailed report identifying next steps for improving your Domino security, reliability and usability. Costs $3,000 in most cases.

IBM License Review

There are many ways to buy IBM Notes and Domino, from PVU-based licenses, to CEO bundles to Passport Express and Dual Entitlement. As IBM migrates you from one model to another, quantities can become distorted. You may be over-buying. No one knows IBM licensing better than MAPSYS. If you buy your Notes and Domino licenses through us, our license review is free.

Domino High Availability    

Replication and role-swapping products are not effective with Domino databases. Instead, built-in Domino clustering provides high availability and fail-over. Yet there are application and networking nuances that must be accommodated. Let MAPSYS help with clustering feasibility, planning, implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Notes Traveler    

Notes Traveler is a server entitlement included with your IBM client access license at no additional charge. It provides instant synchronization for your email, calendar, contacts and tasks to your Android or Apple phone or tablet. MAPSYS can help implement Traveler for maximum carrier compatibility and provide knowledge transfer for best administrative practices.
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