MAPSYS classes are customized to meet your specific needs. Classes are scheduled when you request them, where you request them. MAPSYS instructors are the best consultants in the business with decades of experience and full industry certifications. We work with your staff, side by side in your own environment, until you are confident and enabled. Popular topics include:
Domino Support & Monitoring for the System Administrator
12-18 hours, $3,000
(for up to 12 people at MAPSYS, or add travel costs for onsite classes)
  • Support resources
  • Administration client
  • Server configuration
  • Security
  • Save/replication conflicts
  • Monitoring
  • Useful server commands
  • User management
  • Q&A
Domino Support & Monitoring for the Workstation Tech
4-6 hours, $1,000
(for up to 12 people at MAPSYS, or add any travel costs for onsite classes)
  • Client types
  • Client components
  • Additional debugging
  • Most common problems and solutions
  • The process of elimination
  • Platform concerns
  • Q&A
Introduction To Notes Email for End Users
4 days, $5,000 plus $100/student for courseware
(for up to 12 people at MAPSYS, or add travel costs for onsite classes)
  • Suitable for programmers new to Domino
  • Prepares students for IBM Test LOT-834
  • Includes courseware on PDF
Basic Notes development for IBM certification
30-60 minutes per session, $175/hr plus travel costs, available at customer site only
  • Welcome page
  • Addressing emails
  • Trash empties in 48 hours
  • Three kinds of search
  • Email etiquette
  • Spam quarantine
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • To do
  • Notebook
  • iNotes
  • Chat
  • Single sign-on
  • Password change
  • Signature file
  • Traveler
  • Standard client features
  • High availability
  • Working off line
Customized Application Development Training, Co-development & Mentoring
Quickly learn the basics, then go on to develop a production application according to your requirements. As the development progresses, your staff becomes more and more confident in their new skill set and MAPSYS staff transitions from instructor to “second pair of eyes.” Your staff acquires a new competency — plus you gain a new working production application. Length of training depends on topic selection, $175/hr
(for up to 12 people at MAPSYS, or add travel costs for onsite classes)
  • Requirements definition
  • Workflow
  • Security
  • Web-enablement with HTML and Javascript
  • MS Office integration
  • Accessing back-end data with LS:DO
  • Performance tuning
  • Formula language, LotusScript, Java
  • XPages