Mobilizing business systems without reinventing the wheel

Will your core business software run on your phone?

If your organization has used the same enterprise software for a number of years, the answer is probably “no.” Older systems are not usually compatible with your mobile device—even if they could be run, they are not built to work well on a small screen.

Of course, modern software is usually mobile-compatible, but your organization might not be ready for a complete overhaul to a new system. For a number of reasons, sticking with your existing software can be a strategic choice.

  • New software requires extensive training for many team members. Converting to a new system should be scheduled during periods where extra time can be devoted to learning the ins and outs of the system.
  • Your current software may have customizations, add-ons, or industry-specific functions. Modern ERPs may have some of these features built-in, but some may be missing. It is critical to evaluate whether or not you can live without this functionality, or how expensive it may be to add this functionality to the new software.
  • Upgrading to newer software may require a more extensive overhaul of supporting network systems and other assets.

The good news is that even if you plan to stick with older software, you may be able to mobilize your system. Services exist which can preserve your existing system and extend its life by giving you and your team smartphone access to your important business processes.

The team at MAPSYS has a long track record of helping organizations adapt and integrate their systems to meet the fast-paced challenges of today’s business environment. We can customize your enterprise software to meet your workflow processes, and help you with any software upgrades you need.

Our application development team is built to serve the needs of your business. Whether you have a large or small project in mind, we can help extend the capabilities your systems. Talk to us to learn how your core systems can be customized for web, mobile and smart phone access.