MAPSYS has a long history of delivering Software application projects on time and on budget. MAPSYS development services group has averaged growth exceeding 20% over the last 5 years. This has been done by consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations, resulting in much repeat business and new business received based on referrals from happy customers. See our success story section for more details, we can provide many references.
Projects can be delivered on a fixed cost or time and material basis. MAPSYS is very flexible in terms of project size and structure and as a result is willing to do very small projects as well as projects exceeding a million dollars.
Our process entails taking the necessary time to meet with you up front to understand your business issues, processes / workflows, and objectives to define the vision of a solution that will meet your needs. From that point, we work with you to define your requirements to create a scope. Developing software is easy, making sure that software does exactly what you envisioned and works just way you want it is not. MAPSYS employs an iterative approach to development, allowing you to see parts of the application during construction so you can make adjustments along the way to make sure you get the return on your investment you expected.
MAPSYS delivers Web, Client/Server, Legacy Green-Screen, and Mobile Application Development projects in a myriad of technologies including C# and VB.Net, Java, RPG, Cobol, Domino, PHP, Objective-C, and others.
We would appreciate the opportunity to partner in your success.

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