MAPSYS approach to education is not the industry norm. While we do offer a list of standard courses in areas such as Cognos and Lotus, we primarily provide training services specifically customized to your company’s needs. We can provide these services in almost all the skill areas listed on our skills page.
There are several key reasons MAPSYS training services are superior to most of the other training you might employ:
  1. Customization – We will partner with you upfront to define your specific training needs to make sure we cover just what you need. For example, if your skills in an area goes beyond entry-level but is not expert. We will create a class to pick up with where you are at now versus wasting half of an entry class to get to the topics you care about.
  2. On-Site – We can deliver training at your site. Often we see people going to a class, working with a pre-defined setup and then being totally lost when they come back to their own office. When we finish at your site, you will have the tools on your equipment, your environments will be set up, your examples will be on your machines, possibly based on your database.
  3. Mentoring – We can tailor courses such that we come back to either provide follow-up training or to assist you with issues you might have in applying your knowledge. A little help from a mentor can save much time and frustration when your staff is trying to apply their new skills.
In summary, our focus is not just to provide a training class your staff goes to, we try to make sure your staff can not only learn but actually apply knowledge they receive in our courses.

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