The Shaker Heights Municipal Court proudly serves Beachwood, Hunting Valley, Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, and University Heights. The court is responsible for a wide range of cases that include: Civil, Criminal, Housing, Mediation, Small Claims and Traffic Violations which accounts for over 14,000 cases annually. 

Shaker Heights was faced with the difficult task of making case jacket documentation electronically available for the judge, bailiffs, court clerk, administrative staff, prosecutors and defendants while the court was in session. These case jackets include the citation, court documents filed by lawyers, orders and decisions of the court, summons, and other papers that are related to the case. The case jackets were stored at the Courthouse in large storage units or offsite, and the files were manually pulled and then re-filed. 

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Services & Solutions

    The Challenge

    Shaker Heights Municipal Court sought an efficient, effective and user friendly solution that would consolidate their case jacket documents electronically, while allowing court members to view these documents through their case management software to improve daily operations and reduce costs.  


    The Solution

    The Document Imagining Foundation development team and Innovãre Solutions scheduled an appointment to assess the needs of The Shaker Heights Municipal Court. Innovãre Solutions is the software development firm that provides the court with their case management solution – CourtMaster.  After a discussion of potential solutions, the desired result was a digital image of all case documentation that could be made available easily while working within CourtMaster.  An electronic image would be available as needed while having a resounding effect on the overall daily operations in the court. The tablet solution was piloted in four Central Ohio stores and is part of a larger customer engagement initiative. 

    Additionally, the court needed to maintain those electronic documents in a manner that was ANSI Standards compliant and ultimately go completely paperless. 

    The Results

    The Shaker Heights Municipal Court digital imagining solution was implemented in just 3 days! The case jackets can now be viewed in an efficient, effective, and user-friendly manner.  When using CourtMaster, a user selects the image button which allows them to launch an electronic case file.  This electronic file could now be viewed by multiple users at the same time, saving countless man hours spent hunting for the paper file.  Even the judge’s bench was outfitted with a 21” monitor to review files, and could be repositioned to allow the defendant to view and verify the validity of documents or other information contained in the case file.  

    Shaker Heights is also in the process of back scanning previous physical documents and storing them for later use, if need be. The goal of the court is to work their way towards a paperless system which would reduce the space currently being used to store documents and lower retrieval time for public record requests.  

    MAPSYS Inc. is also working with Shaker Heights to help improve work flow capabilities to replace the paper processes throughout the entire Municipal Court.  

    Innovãre Solutions is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Innovãre’s primary focus is providing Case Management software on a local, statewide and national basis. 

    Download the full case study here.