HCL License Savings

You might be surprised how affordable Notes and Domino licensing can be these days. As HCL continues to simplify the licensing models for Domino, there are additional opportunities to adjust your automatically-converted part numbers to align with the features you actually use. As a Premier IBM software reseller for 35 years, and now an HCL software reseller, our Domino licensing expertise goes deep. We think outside the box to cover your functional requirements at the lowest cost.

 Licensing Analysis
  • Active logins vs accounts
  • Application usage reporting
  • Mail usage vs apps
  • Notes clients vs browser or Nomad
  • DPAR vs VM vs Cloud deployments
  • Processor model numbers
  • Server consolidation modeling
  • Unused entitlement report
  • HCL special pricing plays
Domino Restart Program!
  • For customers with lapsed support
  • Get latest releases, plus HCL support
  • Accelerator Points fund MAPSYS services
  • We help modernize, simplify, redeploy
  • Zero penalty to reinstate
  • Multi-year discounts
Why Domino?

  • 10 million Domino apps running today
  • 20,000+ global companies using Domino
  • 302% ROI in 3 years (Forrester)
  • Go mobile with zero effort (Nomad)
  • Build workflow apps 70% faster (Volt)
  • Full-stack development (node.js)
  • New releases shipped in 2018 & 2019
  • Release V12 already in process
  • Migrating off Domino costs 24X more
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