HCL License Savings

There are 400 HCL part numbers for Notes and Domino allowing countless permutations of feature and deployment options. As a Premier IBM software reseller for 35 years and now an HCL software reseller, our Domino licensing expertise goes deep. We think outside the box to determine the HCL license portfolio that covers your actual usage and functional requirements at the lowest cost.

Licensing Analysis
  • We check active logins
  • Accounts vs users
  • Mail usage vs apps
  • Web vs Notes client
  • DPAR vs VM vs Cloud
  • Server consolidation
  • Processor model numbers
  • Unused entitlements
  • Quarterly HCL pricing plays
Licensing Options
  • Messaging, Collaboration
  • Enterprise, Utility, XWork
  • Express, CEO Bundles
  • CALs & PVUs
  • S&S versus SaaS
  • Dual Entitlement
  • DAC, SmartCloud Notes
  • New, renewal, reinstatement
  • Overage
New in V10!
  • Notes apps on iPad
  • Meeting invitee delegation
  • Schedule mail send time
  • Secondary signature
  • Team calendars
  • More accurate search results
  • Automatic client upgrade
  • Server resiliency
  • App dev advancements

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