IT Strategy Planning and Consulting Services

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Planning the best technology path for your business isn’t easy. You need to make the right investments for the most immediate short-term goals while keeping the long-term goals in your sights. Even though you know where to take your business, you need to know which technologies can get you there. That’s where MAPSYS comes in. We know technology and how it is being applied to businesses like yours. We’ve also worked with organizations like yours to develop strategies that align business and technology goals.

Our consulting approach involves:


Taking a deeper dive into your business.

We will sit with your business leaders to understand what’s working, where the problems lie, and where you want to go as a business. From there, we will walk you through our distinct consulting packages


The MAPSYS MAP Consulting Products

The MAPSYS MAP products are fixed fee services which provide analysis of your business, technology information, actionable plans, and planning information for budget and effort.  Each MAP is a standalone engagement or can be combined with other MAPs to build business bettering solutions.


High Level MAPs

High-level MAPS cover how technology is currently being used in your business while introducing new technology initiatives that could make your business better.

  • Business MAP — Company-wide look at business goals and issues. Analysis of benchmark businesses. Development of technology inventory. 12-18 month initiative agenda.
  • Continuity MAP — Defines initiatives aimed at protecting your business in the event of technology outages.

Detail Level MAPs

These MAPS are used to define the scope of very specific organizational initiatives.

  • S3 MAP — Server or software solution (S3) development. Builds requirements and helps you select the most appropriate solution for your business.
  • Silver Bullet — Performance and sizing consulting for supported servers. Development of performance model, configuration, and acquisition strategies.
  • ConVirtMap — Assessment of utilization levels, inventory, and deployment strategies. Proposes alternative deployment paradigms, business and technology solutions, and product recommendations.

To find out more about the MAPSYS MAP products and about how to build a better business, visit our web site or contact one of the representatives below.

MAPSYS Solution Specialists:

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