Managed Security and Professional Support Services

Protect your business against unauthorized intrusions

Your network is a hotbed for bustling activity – both inside and outside of your corporate walls. With so many security factors to manage – regulatory compliance, authentication, data breaches – you need uncompromising and comprehensive security that can keep you covered from every angle. With IBM Professional Security Services and IBM Managed Security Services, you can take several steps toward reaching your strategic security goals.

IBM Professional Security Services will help your business:

  • Reduce Risk
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Maintain Business Continuity

IBM Managed Security Services will help your business deliver cloud-based:

  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • Alerting

The IBM Portfolio of Managed and Professional Security Solutions

  • Managed QRadar (SIEM) — Lowering thousands of security events, forensic detail behind consolidated log source data, and quick identification and remediation of attacks.
  • IBM Intrusion Detection and Prevention System Management — Around-the-clock detection and prevention of attacks, complete regulatory compliance management, and lower total cost of ownership.
  • IBM Firewall Management — Near real-time security monitoring, 24x7x365 management of firewall alerts, and vendor neutral compatibility.
  • Information Security Assessments — Comprehensive evaluations of industry best practices and regulatory requirements, assessments of current security operations, and actionable recommendations for mitigating risks.

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