MAPSYS migrates Capital Recovery Systems forward!

Capital Recovery Systems, Inc. is an exclusive government debt collection agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Primarily focused on local government collections, with a specialty in collecting delinquent court cases, parking tickets, and taxes. Capital Recovery Systems have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients and their communities, benefitting taxpayers all across the country. 

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The Challenge

Capital Recovery Systems (CRS) was facing a common problem for small to medium sized business – an aging Microsoft Exchange server. CRS contacted MAPSYS, their trusted partner, looking for guidance for an upgrade path to replace their existing mail systems. In line with many company’s needs; reduced system management, cost, and increased availability were requirements of the solution. MAPSYS recommended a move to Microsoft Office 365. 


The Solution

In line with many company’s needs; reduced system management, cost, and increased availability were requirements of the solution. MAPSYS recommended a move to Microsoft Office 365. 

Once CRS reached the conclusion that Office 365 was the right fit, MAPSYS consultants were brought on site to do a health check and prepare the local exchange server for the data migration. Data was seeded and uploaded over a few days, and a single cutover during off-business hours was done. This was a painless process that required minimal involvement from the customer, and near instant mail service provided by Microsoft Office365 


The Benefits

Some key deciding factors for Capital Recovery Systems to move to Office 365

  • No longer need to maintain/ patch on-site Exchange server
  • No need to purchase new costly, on premise, Exchange licensing and CALs 
  • No longer need local backup resources for on-site exchange data  
  • “Always on” accessibility to users. Just need an internet connection to connect to Office 365 
  • Pay for what you use – Leveraged different licensing tiers for different departments to reduce costs

The Results

Along with the benefits mentioned above, there are many more that are accessible to make the life of the Systems Admin easier including:  

Mix and match plans and subscription-based payment  

  • Not everyone in your company will require the same software/features. You can mix and match different plans so you do not pay for more than you exactly need.  
  • Add/remove users as business demands need. Capacity/user counts can be purchased, or removed on a monthly/yearly basis.  
  • Since Office 365 is subscription based, you will always have the most recent version of the Microsoft Office Suite  

Data loss prevention  

  • Identify sensitive information across many locations, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.  
  • Prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive information.  
  • Monitor and protect sensitive information in the desktop versions of Excel 2016, Power- Point 2016, and Word 2016.  

Advanced threat protection  

  • Protect against unsafe attachments  
  • Prevent malicious attachments from impacting your messaging environment  
  • Unsafe attachments are sandboxed in a detonation chamber before being sent to recipients  
  • Malware free and cleaner inbox with better zero-day attack protection  
  • Protect your environment when users click malicious links  
  • Exchange Online Protection provides protection against malicious links by scanning content  
  • While the content is being scanned, the URLs are rewritten to go through Office 365. The URLs are examined in real time, at the time a user clicks them. If a link is unsafe, the user is warned not to visit the site or informed that the site has been blocked.  
  • Secure your mailboxes against advanced threats  
  • With Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, you can protect your mailboxes against new, sophisticated attacks in real time  
  • By protecting against unsafe attachments and expanding protection against malicious links, it complements the security features of Exchange Online Protection to provide better zero-day protection 

Download the full case study here.