Evolve With Changing Technology Demands

Today’s complex marketplace requires a faster, more dynamic organization that can quickly respond to market changes, competitive pressures, and customer demands. You depend on your technology infrastructure to provide that agility—and on your technology partner to deliver and maintain it.

MAPSYS delivers a comprehensive suite of technology products and solutions that can help your organization achieve its business and IT goals by focusing on the “WHY,” as well as the “HOW.” From the assessment of your business requirements to the design and implementation of technology solutions that work to achieve them, MAPSYS ensures our solutions drive value for clients of all sizes and industries.


IBM Products and Services

Leverage the POWER of IBM and the VALUE of MAPSYS Services. As a Premier IBM Business Partner, MAPSYS is proud to support a diverse portfolio of IBM technology services and solutions, including:

  • Power Systems (I/AIX)
  • IBM Storage
  • Power AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • IBM Cloud Services
  • IBM Software Licensing
  • IBM Maintenance and Extended Support
  • Operating Systems Support
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Infrastructure Solutions

MAPSYS brings over 37 years of experience and expertise in developing and implementing infrastructure solutions to help our clients maintain, extend, and evolve your technology enterprise. We leverage industry best practices to design strategies that integrate the most dynamic technology solutions available on the market while making the most of your existing assets. Our Infrastructure Solutions include:

  • Virtualization/Consolidation/Migration Services
  • On Prem/Cloud/Hybrid Cloud
  • High Availability/Backup/Disaster Recovery
  • Security and Monitoring
  • Infrastructure as a Service
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Software and Solutions

As a Certified Partner representing a robust catalog of Software Solutions, MAPSYS can help integrate industry-leading software packages to align with the unique goals and strategies of your organization. Our software solutions include:

  • Information Security
  • Messaging and Collaboration
  • Imaging and Workflow
  • Analytics and Enterprise Reporting
  • Server Process and Backup Automation
  • Software as a Service
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MAPSYS Products

Brought to market in conjunction with our Client Partners and serving a variety of public sector and private enterprises, MAPSYS currently has 3 commercial software packages:

MAPSYS Case Suite (MCS)

Comprehensive Case Management System designed for Indigent Defense boasts industry-leading features and functionality


Commissioner Resolution software that allows for the convenient creating and maintaining of agendas, motions, and minutes for municipalities

Document Imaging Foundations (DIF)

Custom document management and scanning application that allows for seamless integration with existing software or data applications.

Cloud Solutions

MAPSYS is proud to offer a diverse and flexible Cloud Solution portfolio, focused on providing our clients with the tools and insight to assist in achieving their business and technology goals in the Cloud. Our Cloud Solutions include:

  • Infrastructure Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • Migration Services
  • Software as a Service
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Government Cloud Solutions
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