Meet Your Organization’s Technology Challenges With Managed Services

As organizations’ technology continues to evolve and the demand for a diversified and flexible workforce increases, MAPSYS Managed Services alleviate the burden of supporting your new and existing technology portfolio and allow you to focus on the strategic initiatives that will grow your business. From infrastructure to software development, MAPSYS Managed Services solutions are custom designed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities presented to your business.

MAPSYS boasts an expansive team of technical professionals across multiple disciplines and skill sets who are available for Part-time, Full-time or On-Call Managed Support projects.

Managed Infrastructure and Support

Deciding between On Prem, in the Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud can be a daunting task. Far too often, businesses lack the key resources to not only set a direction but execute and support that vision moving forward. MAPSYS managed infrastructure support utilizes the depth and expertise of over 35 years of infrastructure experience and brings it to bear on managing your complete hardware and software footprint. A plan for the next iteration of your business will define your success. We provide Managed Infrastructure and Support Services for:

  • On-Premises Infrastructure
  • Cloud
  • Co-Location Services
  • High Availability/Backup/Disaster Recovery

Managed Application Support

Whether your business depends on a 25-year-old iSeries COBOL program to manage EDI transactions with your customers or a native mobile application to enter field data into your system (even when you don’t have access to cellular data), you rely on your applications to be available and scalable. When you lack the team to maintain these applications or the team you have is focused on other priorities, our team application development professionals are here to design, build, maintain, and support your entire application ecosystem.

By engaging our Managed Application Support model, you can establish the depth and breadth of the application resource allocation that makes the most sense for you and your business.

Managed Information Security Services

Information Security is no longer a “set it and forget it” exercise. With the rapid advancement of multivariate ransomware attacks and the sophistication of cryptomining infiltrations, traditional antivirus software and security measures are no longer sufficient. Employing a comprehensive and complementary Information Security Ecosystem provides the surest form of requisite response. Managed Information Security Services through MAPSYS and ConnectWise brings a holistic hygiene that focuses on a multi-faceted security posture. Our Managed Information Security Services use:

  • SentinelOne
  • ConnectWise Fortify
  • ConnectWise Command
  • ConnectWise Management
  • Carbon Black

Leveraging the ConnectWise Security Management Platform, including SentinelOne, ConnectWise Fortify and ConnectWise Command, coupled with SOC monitoring and incident remediation services, provides a fully customizable and comprehensive security offering that proactively mitigates exposure, stops active threats, and accelerates incident response.

Managed Technical Support Services

Keeping your hardware and software available, under support, and delivering value to your business, is a full-time job. Sadly, many companies lack the technical resources on staff to effectively manage the complex systems needed to support the needs of the business.

From monthly Health Checks to Reporting, Patch Upgrades to Product Licensing, MAPSYS Managed Technical Support Services can be designed to fit your environment of today as you look to the possibilities of tomorrow. Key areas of expertise include:

  • IBM/AS400 (AIX/Power)
  • Intel/Lenovo
  • VMware
  • Veeam
  • Microsoft 365
  • Domino/Notes