We are proud of our history of being able to help clients gain control of their IT systems and budgets.

A core MAPSYS value is to be the “Difference Maker” on the projects we work on. While our roles vary with each project from project leader to partner to participant, our goal is to do everything we can within our role to make sure the projects we work on are successful. It is the difference between being a developer and being a consultant. The following success stories demonstrate our commitment to our clients’ success.


Companies in every industry are waking up to the value of data, wanting to store more and access it faster. How could cloud services provider Racksquared meet this demand without letting costs skyrocket?

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American Signature

For American Signature to meet its goal of a 1-hour delivery window and ensure customers received the right order, the company needed an easy way to automate its manual-based system.

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Ohio Public Defender

The Ohio Public Defender’s Office legacy systems could no longer keep up with the demands of the office and its constituents.

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Franklin County Clerk of Courts

The Franklin County Clerk of Courts sought to provide access to Civil, Domestic, Appeal, and Criminal cases via the Web.

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Ohio Agriculture Conversation Initiative

To accomplish the objectives set for by the partners of OACI, the organization needed a simple and intuitive software tool to collect data from participating farmers.

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Capital Recovery Systems

Capital Recovery Systems (CRS) was facing a common problem for small to medium sized business – an aging Microsoft Exchange server.

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