Evolving Your Infrastructure Strategy

As the interconnectivity of our businesses continues to evolve at a rapid pace, expanding into Cloud and Hybrid Cloud footprints and creating a gap between multiple data and reporting layers that originates from legacy systems and software, your infrastructure strategy must inherently evolve at that same rapid rate.

MAPSYS understands that there is no one silver-bullet infrastructure solution that fits all businesses. Balancing convenience and security with stability and scalability, our extensive experience collaborating on custom roadmaps allows our clients to take advantage of the equipment and tools they have while leveraging new and dynamic technologies to establish their infrastructure posture.

Whether you are looking to extend your current infrastructure lifecycle, consolidate your technology portfolio, or evolve to a new platform and/or hygiene, MAPSYS brings over 37 years of experience and expertise developing and implementing infrastructure solutions to help your business meet the challenges of tomorrow.


To stay competitive, you and your team need to be ahead of the curve, not chasing it. Innovative technology can go a long way toward improving your business’s overall efficiency and profitability. Small and medium-sized organizations often need to upgrade hardware on a regular basis just to stay competitive and reliable in an ever-changing environment.

Workstation and Desktop Solutions

These powerful and innovative hardware solutions are designed with business in mind.

For your staff to be as productive as possible, it’s natural that they need a workstation that can handle their workload. Otherwise, they might be riddled with technology errors that could effectively render their workday efforts fruitless. MAPSYS can offer your organization powerful and competitive desktop and workstations solutions from Lenovo, complete with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10.

Servers and Data Storage Components

Revolutionize your application and information deployment. Your organization’s servers are what keeps it going, by deploying mission-critical information and applications across your network to your end-users. If your employees can’t access the information they need to perform their day-to-day tasks, the downtime will quickly rack up and cost your organization money that could be better spent on other parts of operations. MAPSYS has the skills to identify and install quality Lenovo servers and storage technologies that can aid in your retention and deployment of information in your network.

Enhance your business’s profitability with the latest and greatest Lenovo solutions.

As an official Lenovo reseller, we want to help your business achieve maximum efficiency by using tried-and-true hardware solutions.

High Availability/Backup/Disaster Recovery

Assuming a proactive posture to balancing the interconnectivity between your High Availability environment, Backup and Retention hygiene, and your Disaster Recovery policy is key to eliminating the single point of failure exposure facing your business. Whether on-premises, near-shore, or in the Cloud, having the ability to customize your HA/BA and DR strategies with solutions that fit your business is the MAPSYS Difference.


Veeam Backup and Replication delivers Availability for ALL your virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads. Through a single management console, you can manage fast, flexible and reliable backup recovery and replication of all your applications and data to eliminate legacy backup solutions forever.


Cybernetics is a widely recognized leader in the data storage industry, specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance disk, tape, and virtual tape storage solutions.


Racksquared Data Centers has Cloud Backup Solutions to meet all your data needs. They provide you with access to technologies from industry leaders in backup systems like Veeam, Cybernetics, IBM, and InfiniBox, as well as a secure, reliable, resilient environment for your data storage.


As a global power management company, Eaton helps customers solve their greatest power challenges through industry leading electrical, aerospace, hydraulic and vehicle products and technical infrastructure and services.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

As your business evolves and the need to streamline capital expenditures or reduce your technology overhead moves to the forefront of your priorities, transitioning to an offsite model and converting your infrastructure costs to a monthly spend could be the most practical solution. MAPSYS can create custom, phased implementation strategies to provide flexible IaaS solutions that meet the short and long-term goals of your business.

Options for single and multitenant infrastructure, and on or off-premises, managed IaaS provides complete infrastructure support.

Maintenance and Support

Hardware is the foundation of your IT infrastructure. You depend on your servers, your system storage, your networks, and peripherals every day to maintain your critical business applications and functions. Since hardware can also be a potential point of failure, leaving your organization vulnerable to unexpected downtime, increased costs and possible revenue loss, PROTECT your investment with customized Maintenance & Support.

IBM Maintenance

The “Blue” standard, IBM hardware maintenance services can provide 24×7 remote service and monitoring with the ability to quickly engage on-call engineers for onsite support. Collaborate with hardware and software specialists from around the globe when identifying and resolving complex problems. By delivering timely problem resolution through a single point of contact, hardware maintenance services can provide customizable and flexible hardware support for your IBM hardware.

Third-Party Maintenance Solutions

Consolidating your entire Maintenance & Support portfolio can streamline your IT footprint and reduce your cost, all without sacrificing the expert care and support you depend on to manage your enterprise servers, storage, and networking. MAPSYS offers an array of independent 3rd party Maintenance solutions to fit your business and budget.

Domino System Administration

With over 27 years of experience supporting Domino/Notes partner, we keep up on the latest features and recommendations so you don’t have to! With Domino V12 available now, there has never been a better time to explore the power of Domino!


  • Cloud, hybrid cloud
  • Hardware upgrades
  • OS upgrades
  • Server consolidations
  • VM, DPAR, Docker
  • Power i (AS/400, iSeries)
  • Windows Server
  • Linux

Feature Roll-outs

  • Nomad Web (Notes apps in browser)
  • LetsEncrypt automated TLS renewal
  • Active Directory password sync
  • Domino Backup
  • Verse (great new web mail)
  • Clustering (high availability, self-healing)
  • DAOS (attachment deduplication)
  • Traveler (phone mail app)

Annual Maintenance

  • Health check
  • Best practices config
  • Release upgrades
  • Security patches
  • Certificate renewals
  • Preventative file repair

IT Training

  • Domino Server Administration class
  • Notes Client Troubleshooting class
  • Streamlined for your needs
  • Train at your place or ours
  • Additional students are free

MAPSYS On-Call Support

  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Faster resolutions
  • 24/7 availability
  • Tech’s cell # is provided
  • No retainer fee
  • No after-hours surcharge
  • Fill in for your admin
  • Extend your Help Desk

Technical Support Services

Our MAPSYS Technical Support Services team is the heart of our Technology Solutions group and puts the VALUE in our Valued Added Enhancements (VAE). From configuration and installation of your new hardware to upgrading and supporting the software that keeps your business up and running, our team of highly skilled internal resources are truly Difference Makers.


  • Configuration/Installation
  • Virtualization/Consolidation/Migration Services
  • On Prem/Cloud/Hybrid Cloud Hosting
  • High Availability/Backup/Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • System Security and Monitoring
  • Networking and Firewalls
  • Managed Support Services


    • Veeam
    • VMware
    • Lenovo
    • IBM
    • Linux
    • HCL / Domino
    • RedHat
    • ConnectWise
    • SentinelOne
    • Cybernetics