Software that Works for Your Business

Software should work for you and your business, not the other way around. Developed in conjunction with our Client/Partners, the proprietary MAPSYS software portfolio of products is backed by the MAPSYS services and support team, including the original developers of the software.

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“MAPSYS Case Suite” (MCS) is an intuitively designed software product that allows for customizable management of Case, Financial, Reporting, and Workflow processes within the constructs of both public and private legal institutions.
With supplemental modules such as Reimbursement, Enterprise Document Imaging Foundations (E-DIF), and Workspace Plus, the MCS platform allows for integration throughout your business systems, including reporting, financial, and communication (email/text).

• Reimbursement (Financial Management)
• Enterprise Document Management
• Workspace Plus (Customized Dashboards)
• Kiosk and Mobile Applications
• Reporting and Visualization Tools
• External User interface
• Integration

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The MAPSYS Document Imaging Foundations Solution (DIF) is a custom document management software designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing software, scanners, and copiers. It is simple and flexible, yet powerful enough to meet the demands of an enterprise-wide document management solution.
What makes DIF so unique is the ability for it to function as a client application or in the background of another application. By leveraging its workflow and retrieval toolset, DIF can efficiently store and retrieve your documents, then manage them within a separate application. Standard DIF features include:

• Full-Text Indexing
• Redaction
• Stamping
• eSign and Approval functionality
• APIs and Integration capabilities


The Commissioner Resolution Management Software (CRMS) is an e-filing system that enables the County Commissioners office to provide a tool for its agencies to electronically submit resolutions. The solution is designed to be managed by the Clerk to the Commissioners and will build the agenda, record the votes, attach all support documentation, and publish the results of the meeting to their website, and ultimately archive completed agendas. This comprehensive system was built based on the County Resolution process in Ohio but can be customized to fit your unique workflows, as no two counties are exactly alike.

• Resolution Builder with templated documents
• Customized Forms and Workflow
• Public Portal
• Cloud Hosted or On-Premise deployments