IBM Expertise From a Premier Business Partner

IBM Columbus, Ohio continues to be at the forefront of innovation, intent to lead in the creation, development, and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices, and microelectronics.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner in Columbus for over 30 years, MAPSYS is uniquely equipped to support and implement the complete IBM product and solution portfolio. Working in conjunction with the IBM Services and Delivery Teams, our internal Subject Matter Experts are committed to providing the highest-quality consulting, implementation, and support services.

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Power Systems

  • IBM Power servers: Engineered for agility
  • Right-sized Servers: Enterprise – Scale Out – Accelerated
  • Hybrid Cloud: Private – Public – Automate
  • Integration: Red Hat – Cloud Paks – SAP HANA
  • Operating Systems: AIX – IBMi – Linux

Some applications, data stores, and processes are so core to your enterprise that they simply cannot go down. These are the operations underpinning your customer experience and employee support across multiple environments. Their demands are accelerating, as are their security risks.

You need this IT at the core to be ready for today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges. You need IBM Power. If you are interested in learning more about IBM Power Systems and how they can help your enterprise, consider requesting a quote for the new IBM Power 10 systems


Storage technology has become much more than just disk and tape drives. Data, data management, operations management, security, and retention policy are all part of the storage technology requirement. IBM, the largest provider of storage in the world, brings the IBM heritage of great technology, world-class service, and a peerless network of partners to you and your storage needs.

MAPSYS, an IBM Premier Business Partner, can help guide you toward making storage a utility for your applications and application users. Whether consolidating, optimizing, protecting, automating operations and management, or simply assigning the right storage media and appliances to the business need, MAPSYS is here to support you.

To truly optimize your IT infrastructure, it’s key to have a comprehensive and resilient approach to hybrid cloud. One that lowers costs without cloud lock-in and integrates and plays well with your existing solutions, all while simplifying containerization, management, software-defined storage and modern data protection.

We provide a wide range of IBM storage options, including:

  • All flash storage
  • Software Defined Storage (SDS)
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Tape Storage

Cloud Solutions

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We offer a full-stack cloud platform with over 170 products and services covering data, containers, AI, IoT, and blockchain. Use your existing infrastructure—even edge or other public clouds—with IBM Cloud services, APIs, access policies, security controls and compliance with IBM Cloud Satellite.

IBM Cloud Pak® Solutions 

AI-powered software bundles help you manage applications across any cloud – with strong security

Software Licensing

Learn how IBM Software can transform business challenges into business opportunities. MAPSYS offers a full suite of IBM Software and Support solutions, ensuring you get the most out of your IBM portfolio.

  • The latest versions and releases of your entitled software from Passport Advantage Online (PAO). Each release is more powerful, robust, and secure than the previous, building on existing functionality while introducing and integrating new AI, security, and cloud-ready capabilities.

    • Fixes (including defect corrections, restrictions and bypasses from Fix Central)

    • IBM support for:
      • Routine installation, deployment, migration, usage, and code-related technical support questions.
      • 24×7 assistance for Severity 1 issues 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Simply open a case from the web, chat, or phone. Explore the IBM Support Guide to learn more.

    Maintenance and Extended Support

    Ensure high availability of your IBM Z, LinuxONE, Power, and Storage hardware and software with best-in-class IT support.

    IBM Hardware and Software Support provides customized IT maintenance options during warranty and post warranty for IBM Z, LinuxONE, Power, and Storage Systems to keep your mission-critical systems running smoothly. IBM’s powerful analytics, AI, and automation capabilities can resolve issues faster, reduce risk, and prevent issues before they happen. They can also help enterprises manage regulatory compliance and data privacy.

    OS Support

    Get the best in both security and agility for your IT infrastructure with operating systems that flawlessly integrate into your overall hybrid cloud strategy.


    Enterprises need infrastructure that is secure, highly available, and adaptable to meet changing business demands.  AIX delivers on all of this and more.

    IBM i

    Optimize your IBM i hybrid cloud. IBM i can run anywhere your applications and data need to be.


    With Linux on IBM Power, you can amplify the many benefits of open-source technology — reliability, security, and scalability – with industry-leading cloud-native deployment options.