The MAPSYS Managed Asset Program

Keep Track of Termination/Coverage Dates for your Equipment & Software


  • Consolidated Billing
  • Take advantage of all discounts available to your company.
  • Identify equipment or Software that should or should not be covered by maintenance agreement (e.g. Warranty exit, old technology).
  • A complete inventory of your hardware & Software assets plus support; coverage contracts.
  • Online tool to review assets/support and prompts for support calls;
  • Annual review of needs (includes acquisitions/warranty exits);
  • Reduction of the number of vendors and invoices;
  • Prompting to review agreements;
  • Budgeting support/simplification;
  • Strategies and optional funding models for maintenance and support;
  • Tracking of Warranties and warranty exits.
  • Expiration Countdown. Provide a 60-90 day advance notification and renewal quotation.


  • MAPSYS facilitated assessment
  • MAPSYS develops service portfolio and contracts
  • MAPSYS presents solution and benefits
  • MAPSYS loads inventory into online Managed Asset system
  • MAPSYS sets up user profile for your access


  • You!
  • Provide us access and direction to equipment locations;
  • Provide us with permission to access vendor records;
  • Help us review and reconcile vendor records with your actual inventory;
  • Let us know your needs in terms of budget cycles and acquisition preferences;
  • A couple of hours to learn how to leverage your Managed Asset Program